Juche106 (2017)/9/21 Korean Central News Agency(KCNA)


Tokyo District Court's Unjust Decision
on Korean Students in Japan Slashed


Pyongyang, September 21 (KCNA) -- The Committee for Aiding Overseas Compatriots of Korea in a statement Thursday denounced the Japanese reactionaries for getting zealous in their discrimination against Koreans in Japan and persecution against them by taking the advantage of the U.S. imperialists' racket for sanctions against the DPRK.

They let the Tokyo District Court unilaterally decline without any legal grounds the just call made by the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and Koreans in Japan for the application of tuition-free program for senior high schools to the senior students of Korean middle and high school in Tokyo on September 13.

The judge of the court, referring to the struggle of Chongryon and Koreans in Japan, declined the demand of the plaintiff side and asserted that the trial cost shall be borne by the plaintiff side without giving any reasoning, only to shock the public.

Being displeased with the just demand of the Koreans in Japan from the beginning, the Tokyo District Court delayed the case. Upset by the vexing demand from the Japanese reactionary authorities that they should not lose initiative at the Tokyo trial, the court declined the agenda carrying the important demand related to the future of Koreans in Japan in just ten seconds.

The statement said that this shameless act of the Tokyo District Court is a revelation of the deep-rooted bad intention of the Japanese reactionaries to undermine the national education for Koreans in Japan and also clearly proves the despicable nature of the Japanese authorities keen on frantic moves against the DPRK and Chongryon while faulting the DPRK's just step for bolstering the nuclear deterrence for self-defence.

The statement went on:

The despicable and trite hostile act of the Japanese reactionaries who are using the issue of the national education for Koreans in Japan as a means for political and diplomatic pressure on Chongryon is a criminal act that can never be tolerated.

The application of the tuition-free program for students of the Korean senior high schools has no ground to be declined or rejected in the light of the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists against the Korean nation in the past and from the aspect of international law and viewpoint of Japanese laws.

The recent unjust decision made by the court under the behind-the-scene manipulation of the Japanese authorities is a wanton violation of law and vicious human rights abuses against humanity in breach of International Convention on Human Rights on ensuring foreigners equal right to education.

The vicious discrimination and suppression perpetrated by the Japanese reactionaries against Koreans in Japan and their children for the mere reason that they are Koreans can never evade curse and censure by the international community, to say nothing by all Koreans.

The Japanese justicial authorities should behave with discretion, deeply repenting of what a big disastrous consequence the recent decision made to chime in those in power will have on the development of the DPRK-Japan relations. -0-